Franz Boccalatte
Graphic & Identity Designer

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I’m an italian and passionate designer with a multidisciplinary set of skills, based in Naples. My focus is mainly about Branding and Visual Identity. I graduated from Istituto Superiore di Design with a degree in Graphic Design and have worked in the design industry ever since.

My method

I’m driven by constant research, with an inclusive approach and a strong inclination for synthesis and simplicity. In every project I focus around the main objectives and the best strategy to reach them, choosing the most functional and strong ideas to grant recognizability and uniqueness, working in team with other departments.

I’ve been very influenced by the marketing panorama in which design is always at the service of the most effective message possible, with the business and client-side prospective in mind.

After years of experiences in agencies and different kinds of clients for whom I covered different roles, I started my freelance career in 2013 working with other professionals, agencies and companies. During these years I’ve always worked to integrated project, from the concept till the deployment and its successive iterations. I’ve developed a strong know-how on logo design processes, visual identity, typography and web design.

I strongly believe that the best value comes from sharing and working together with others in a creative process. It is the only way to grow, both personally and professionally. I’ve a strong network of freelances who help me in delivering crosschannel solutions, from printing to screen design, working either as a solo designer or in team with others, both clients and colleagues.



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